Construction Site Security Guard Services Orlando

Construction Site Security Guard Services Orlando, especially for larger construction projects, can present very specific challenges. A number of issues can be proactively prevented or rapidly reported by on-site Orlando Security Guards like at Eastern Security, Inc.  Our Security Guards generate exceptional value for our clients not just by preventing theft, but also by finding and reporting things like tripping hazards, broken lights, broken sidewalks, busted pipes, leaks and more.

There is more industry-wide reporting on the subject of Theft at Construction Sites in Florida. In a recent report conducted by the National Equipment Register, annual estimates of the cost of equipment theft range as high as $1 billion. That estimate is for equipment only and doesn’t include tools and building materials which are often easy targets for thieves.

Unfortunately Florida ranked as the 3rd highest state for equipment theft in this report, and Tampa and Orlando as the #8 and #9 cities for theft respectively.

The theft of equipment and electrical components is of concern to those who operate and own these construction sites. When these Construction Sites are not properly secured, criminals tend to see these sites as easy marks.  After all, most building sites are in open areas, without the benefit of the natural security such as enclosed walls and a roof.  These factors, coupled with the fact that Construction sites often contain valuable supplies that are difficult to track, make for a crime that appears to be low risk, high-reward.

Beyond theft, our Construction Site Security Guards in Central Florida have stopped & prevented numerous hazards and even caught a busted water main early that prevented millions of dollars in damages.

Construction site theft and all the other reasons mentioned are why Construction Site Security Guard Services are so important. By investing in the right Company like Eastern Security, Construction Site Project managers can reduce the risk of theft and vandalism that has become common in the industry.

Eastern Security, Inc Can Help Develop a Construction Security Guard Services Agreement that Provides:

  • Licensed, Armed/UnArmed Orlando Security Guards at all Access Points
  • 24-hour Security Patrols
  • Walking and lighting hazard reporting
  • Theft and unauthorized access deterrence
  • Leaks and damage reporting
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Communication with a diverse roster of contractors

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